Etienne G.J. Danchin

evolutionary and comparative genomics

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Etienne G.J. Danchin, Evolutionary and Comparative Genomics

Welcome to my homepage

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I am research director at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), in Sophia-Antipolis, France.

Researches at Institut Sophia Agrobiotech (ISA), a joint laboratory between INRA, CNRS and the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, are focused on plant-health including biotic and abiotic interactions . As part of the ISA unit, our team, named Plants / Nematodes Interactions (IPN) studies more precisely the interactions between plants and root-knot nematodes, the most devastating plant-parasitic nematodes to agriculture worldwide. Our group, "comparative and evolutionary genomics of plant-parasitic nematodes", uses evolutionary and comparative genomics approaches to identify genomic adaptations to plant-parasitism in nematodes. Deciphering genomic singularities in plant-parasitic nematodes is one way to highlight mechanisms and biomolecules used by these pests to establish successful parasitic interactions with plants.


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